January 16th, 2009

mark savin, plot, eurasia

We are the poors

My neighbors are the new poor. These aren't City high-flyers, or surgeons with their own private jets and rich Arab clients flying in from the Gulf. Very few are self-employed. They're middle managers, journalists, lecturers, architects working for big practices. The poor bloody foot soldiers in the professional army.
They're enslaved by it. They're the new proletariat, like factory workers a hundred years ago.
They're not prosperous enough. Salaries have plateaued. 
Houses in Eurasia are a dump. Maintenance is almost nil but the charges keep going up.
My flat cost me more than my father earned in his lifetime.
We're all locked into huge mortgages.
mark savin, plot, eurasia

Never like before

The middle classes are meant to be the great social anchor, all that duty and responsibility.

But thecables are dragging. Professional qualifications are worth nothing - an arts degree is like a diploma in origami.
As for security. it's nonexistent.

Some computer at the Treasury decides interest rates should go up a point and I owe the bank manager a year's hard work.